In the United States the Fire Administration reports around 854 deaths in residential fires every year.  Taking the necessary precautions can avoid the disaster to take place in the first place.  Simple precautions like cleaning out the lint from your dryer, not using candles and not putting water in hot oil.


What is Fire Damage Restoration?

Fire Damage Restoration is all the steps required to bring the property back to normal.  It all begins when the property is safe to begin a job.  Smoke damage is very serious because smoke is an acidic byproduct of fire.  This byproduct can corrode and stain walls, floors, ceilings, appliances, furniture, etc.  Necessary steps must be taken in order to preserve and avoid further damage.  Smoke damage creates more damage than the actual fire itself.  This is the reason why a proper fire damage restoration must be performed.


What to do and not to do after a fire

  • Do – Call 911 to report the fire
  • Do – Call a Certified Fire Damage Restoration Company
  • Do – Open all the windows and doors.
  • Do – Remove pets and childred out of the smoke area
  • Do – Empty the freezer and refrigerator if there is no electricity
  • Do Not – Use electrical equipment or devices
  • Do Not – Turn on the HVAC system
  • Do Not– Wipe down the furniture, walls, or any surface
  • Do Not – Use furniture like upholstery couches
  • Do Not – Eat any exposed food or water

Fire Damage Restoration is the key element in rebuilding your property the correct way.  Please keep Blue Star Restoration’s contact information with your other emergency contacts. You can also call us at (954) 338-1111 for more information.

Here are some sample fire accidents:

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