Mold inspection

Important things to know before hiring a Mold Inspector:

Is the inspection company qualified to do the inspection?

    • We are Florida State Licensed to perform mold inspections. To see ours  click here to contact us.

Are you insured?

    • We have $2,000,000 liability insurance required by the State of Florida. Always ask for a copy of the insurance policy.  To see ours  click here to contact us.

 Are you qualified?

    • We are have been conducting inspections for over 9 years. All of our employees are trained and over-qualified to perform a mold inspection.

How many inspections do you perform per year? 

    • We perform over 1,000 mold inspections every year.  We are also certified mold remediators, which gives us an advantage while performing the assessment.

Do you have references from work done in the past year?

    • Upon request, we will provide you with a list of past client so that you can call them with questions.  You can also do your own research online by tying our company name and looking for other reviews.

Mold remediation and water damage

What is included in our mold inspection/assessment:

The cost of the following mold assessment package is $475.00


1. Detailed Home Inspection: 

  • We will inspect the entire residence, including all rooms, and the heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment and ducts.


2. Laboratory Tests

  • Up to 3 mold tests with an accredited mold lab, identifying and quantifying of mold species in these key areas: 
    1. outdoor air control test against which to compare indoor mold test results;
    2. mold test of one or two areas mold was identified or suspected mold growth:
    3. one surface mold sampling of visible mold growth or a suspicious surfaces that should be mold tested.

* If the homeowner needs additional mold sampling, or we deem necessary, an additional $85.00 per sample will be charged.


3. Report:

A written mold inspection report will be provided containing the inspector’s observations and findings, plus the mold lab results from the mold samples taken. Here is a sample mold report. click here to contact us.


4. Protocol:

If a mold problem is discovered and documented in the mold inspection and testing, Blue Star Restoration will prepare and present a detailed, written, step-by-step Mold Remediation Protocol Plan to guide the property owner, manager or resident in either getting competitive mold removal bids from qualified mold remediation companies.


5. After the Inspection:

Phone and email consultations for thirty days with us, after the inspection date, to help the client solve his or her residential mold problems.


Mold remediation and water damage

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions):

Please describe the background of your company and the various services you offer.

  • We’ve been in the construction industry for 14 years and 8 years in the property restoration industry.  Blue Star Restoration was formed because we saw the need of an honest, responsible and affordable restoration company.  We have grown year after year with a mission “To raise expectations, one client at a time”.  Our company offers water damage restoration, mold removal services, mold inspections and remodeling services.


What is causing the presence of mold in my home? How do I prevent its growth?

  • Mold is everywhere, the problem arises when there is high humidity and a water source feeding a mold colony in a porous organic material (drywall, wood, carpet, etc).  This could be a water leak, roof leak, air conditioner, toilet, window leak, etc.   To prevent mold from growing, you start by fixing the exterior of your property.  Seal all the windows and cracks, move sprinklers at least 2 feet from walls, gutters should be leak free and the foundation should be sealed. Inside your home start with checking all the areas where water could be, like: refrigerator, toilets, sinks, tubs, HVAC units, etc and make sure they are leak free and sealed correctly.  You air conditioner should always be turned on to avoid high humidity levels to be present.


What are the dangers of being exposed to mold?

  • Mold symptoms range from headaches, throat irritation, sinus congestion, skin irritation, memory loss, diarrhea, breathing disorders, ear infections, and other.  Mold can also cause health effects like asthma, pulmonary fibrosis, immunologic disorders, and even cancer.

How do I know if I should test the air quality in my home? What are some of the potential dangers I am facing if I don’t?

  • Mold is not always obvious. Most of the times you can’t see it. If you feel a musty smell, eye irritation or even sickness, I suggest calling a local mold inspector to do a thorough investigation for you.  If you don’t deal with the issue early on, the problem could get worse and you will pay for it later on.

Do you have any other tips for homeowners looking to create a safer environment in their home?

  • Get your property tested and eliminate the problem as soon as it is encountered.


What is the best way for people to get in contact with you?

  • You can send us an email at:  and we’ll try to answer any questions you may have. If you live in Southeast Florida, you can call me at (954) 338-1111


Mold remediation and water damage