Mold Inspection in Fort Lauderdale FL

Mold Inspection in Palm Beach FL

Mold Inspection in Palm Beach FL

Mold Inspection and Testing for your House or Business in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
For the most reliable inspectors in South Florida, call the experts at Mold Expert to schedule a Mold Inspection. We will give you a consultation over the phone and let you know if your need Mold Testing. We collect samples of different parts of your home, business, or commercial building in order to determine if your indoor air has elevated levels of mold.

What is a Mold Inspection and What’s Included?
Our mold inspection gives you a complete and through evaluation of your home or business where we send a licensed inspector to scan for mold or mold related problems. The inspector will use tools to analyze each location of your property. The results of our tools and tech is sent to a third party laboratory for analysis. All the information collected allows us to create a comprehensive report that will tell us if there is a problem. If there is, we will provide you with various ways to solve the problem.

Mold Inspection in Palm Beach FL

Top Reasons to Test for Mold

To establish the presence of mold and the justification for remediation. Many remediation companies and insurance companies will not approve or undertake mold remediation if the existence of mold growth is not scientifically confirmed.

To establish a baseline for upcoming testing. This allows a mold professional to track and assess the progress of mold removal activities. If the current levels are unidentified, it is difficult to establish that progress has been completed.

To set the limits for the remediation company. Many remediation companies will not start a project without the input of a testing company to describe the limitations of the affected area needing remediation.

To identify the types of mold present, for example if the mold colony is natural or toxic. In many cases, residents are interested in the types of mold present and the possible relation to medical symptoms they may be experiencing. Certain mold species may produce serious illness in the elderly, or in infants; people who have fragile immune systems. Testing can reassure the indoor environment is free of mold species that may cause infection in vulnerable persons.

To find mold that is hidden. Mold growth may often not be noticeable in a house, but known water intrusion or a moldy odor delivers cause for concern. Testing will identify if there is a mold problem, even when there is no visible mold growth.

To find out the levels existing. Although mold is mold, and its presence calls for remediation, it is beneficial to know if the airborne levels in the ambient are in a range hundreds or thousands. For example, this may affect choices regarding the timeliness of remediation, and the continual occupancy of the locations.

To provide a clearance of a remediation project, that is, to demonstrate that all mold is gone after remediation is finished. Often, mold remediation companies will miss a mold-contaminated area. Testing of the air in the contained work area will guarantee that the levels inside the work area are reduced to normal levels.

To support a legal case of mold presence. A plaintiff  or lawyer usually needs to have objective indication of the presence or absence of mold and mold exposure to support a legal case. Testing can show scientifically that mold was, or was not, present in the areas tested.

To show that water damage has not yet created mold growth. Floods in homes and offices can occur due to ruptures in plumbing lines, or failure of plumbing fixtures. After the drying and cleanup, it is useful to test for mold to guarantee occupants that mold have not grown as a result of the flooding or water damage.

To “establish” the lack of mold, in a home purchase or rental. Sometimes a homebuyer or renter will have concerns about mold when purchasing or renting a home. This may be as a outcome of a bad experience with mold in their previous residence. Mold testing can provide the peace of mind that there are no issues with elevated mold in the house.


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